About Go Local Reviews

Aggregate Review Capturing Tool

GoLocalReviews.com is focused on capturing and delivering aggregate ratings for your business. We care about generating authentic reviews to boost both your business’ social proof and local SEO exposure.



Online ratings affect a local business’s success in three important ways:

  • Reviews provide social proof to potential new customers and clients,
  • Testimonials act as a boost to existing small business marketing efforts,  
  • Positive reviews lead to higher page placement in Google local searches.

Get the Most Of Your Reviews Today!

Get The Reviews You Deserve

The mobile revolution has made online reviews part of the customer experience. However if you’re missing online reviews that correctly represent your hard work you are losing leads. We feel that you should be rewarded for your excellent customer service. The GoLocalReviews.com app was specifically built to harness the excellent customer experiences your company is already delivering. By getting the review form of popular internet properties into customer’s hands at the time of service we can improve the chance of conversion and accuracy of their customer experience.

Low-Effort Marketing

Businesses can spend a lot of time (or hire someone to spend the time) to write Adwords campaigns, set up newspaper ads, distribute flyers, or mail postcards.

These tactics can be useful and can work quickly to bring customers in the door. However, even if these methods are highly-targeted, they require repeated efforts on a regular basis to remain effective.

Alternatively, online reviews require a very small time investment from the business owner; they offer a perpetual online presence and a relatively passive marketing tool ready and waiting to entice potential customers.

Will You Sink or Swim Within the Online Review Community?

The impact of online reviews is relatively new, but competition in business is not. Fretting over the online review phenomenon is fruitless; downright ignoring the impact online reviews has on local businesses is a dangerous attitude to have.  If you haven’t yet embraced what online reviews can do for your business’s success, now is a great time to start.

Taking advantage of online reviews can be a boon for your business, helping you to stand out and proudly offer your highly-rated products or services. Failure to make online reviews work for your benefit will eventually cause your business to be overshadowed and outranked by your competitors.

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