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Your Customers Take Reviews Seriously – Shouldn’t You?

In fact, nearly 9 out of 10 consumers have read online reviews to determine the quality of a local business, and 48% will visit the company’s website directly after reading positive reviews.



Customer Reviews via Text Message

The GoLocalReviews.com App was built from the ground up for small businesses to get reviews on internet properties that matter. Get reviews from your customers via our text messaging interface on places like Google, Yelp, and Facebook.

Positive Reviews = New Customers

Studies show that nearly 9 out of 10 consumers have read online reviews to determine the quality of a local business, and 48% will visit the company’s website directly after reading positive reviews. What do your reviews say about your business?

Positive Reviews = Better Local SEO

Google loves reviews because users love reviews, and Google’s ultimate mission is to enhance user experience by providing the most helpful search results for every single inquiry. Increase your local SEO using GoLocalReviews.com.

Unlock The Power of Reviews

Online ratings affect a local business’s success in three important ways:
  1. Reviews provide social proof to potential new customers and clients
  2. Testimonials act as a boost to existing small business marketing efforts
  3. Positive reviews lead to higher page placement in Google local searches

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How Does the Go Local Reviews App Work?

Go Local Reviews in 3 Easy Steps

1. Send The Text or Email

Sending the text or email is easy. Just access the app from any internet-connected device, enter your customer’s cell phone number or email, their name, and press submit.

The review app sends a personalized text/email message thanking the customer for using your business and invites them to click a link to leave a review of your services straight from their smartphone.

2. Easy Review Interface

Once your customer clicks on the link, the review app will take them through an easy-to-use interface, walking your customer through the review process. Typically this process takes less than 3 minutes from start to end.

The review app lets your customer decide where to leave the review: Google, Facebook, BBB or your website (compatible website required).

3. Get More Reviews!

The GoLocalReviews.com App will more than pay for itself over and over again. Our customers say they get calls from people all the time mentioning the great reviews they’ve read online. The review app also comes with weekly reporting showing new reviews and gives the ability to easily respond to these reviews.

68% of people say that positive reviews make them trust a local business more.

Authoritative Online Reviews Matter

With an ever-increasing number of savvy consumers searching the internet for local products and services, the impact of reviews on a local business’s continued success is becoming more and more apparent. For local small businesses that need to keep a step ahead of the competition, taking advantage of this consumer review system (especially Google reviews) is now a necessary part of an overall SEO marketing strategy.

Customer Reviews Act as No-Cost Marketing

Having the ability to harness the power of online reviews is good news for local businesses because it’s free advertising.

Most local businesses have an advertising budget set in place to help them reach new customers. In fact, the average marketing budget for small businesses is $400 per month, and 46% of this is spent on digital marketing in the form of Google Adwords, Facebook ads, and the like.5

Outside of their own website presence (which is essential for a business owner) companies don’t need to pay to have an online review presence. This makes sense when you realize that a bounty of positive reviews, while great for the business, exists first and foremost for the consumer’s benefit.


Google Reviews and Their Effect on User Search

Google loves reviews because users love reviews. While Google probably still ignores reviews in its organic search algorithm, they definitely play a role in three types of search results:

  • Mobile Searches: review counts and average ratings affect rankings and are displayed prominently
  • Local Carousel: a study done by Search Engine Land found a very strong  correlation between ratings and carousel position. While other factors affect rankings, it makes sense from a user experience point of view that Google will feature the highest-rated business first.
  • Map Searches: The Google features tour says outright that the “highest-rated” businesses near you will be returned when you search with local intent.

This double whammy of high placement in the results combined with positive reviews has been shown to lead to higher conversion rates compared to all other local SEO practices.8

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